mercredi 22 juin 2011

Teasers Wings #4 Aprilynne Pike

Le tome 3 vient de sortir et Aprilynne Pike nous donne déjà des quotes du tome 4.

 * Tamani’s arms were tight around her waist and dimly she felt David’s familiar fingers on her face, caressing, trying to calm her.

 * “I don’t know if I can forgive you if she dies,” Laurel said. Tamani was silent for a long moment. “I know.”

 * “She’s wrong,” he said simply. “She makes everything she says sound true, but it’s twisted until it’s not really truth at all.
 * He gave Chelsea a look that begged her to stay. Stay where it was safe.But even as he met her determined gaze, he knew she wouldn’t.

Et ce matin elle a donné cette précision,donc vivement la dernière ligne du chapitre 9!!

When you get there, the last line of chap 9 in is my favorite line in the series. It's what the whole series has been leading up to.

Quand vous y arriverez ,la dernière ligne du chapitre 9 de Wings4,est ma phrase préférée de toute la série. C'est à quoi toute la série conduit.

 *  Laurel didn’t think there was room in her body for the hatred she felt toward this faerie.

 * “We’re not even halfway through yet,” he said. “I underestimated the Sparklers. Vastly,” he added under his breath

le 23 Juin
 * Resting her head against her forearms, Laurel let the tears come. She had gambled everything, and she had lost.

le 24 Juin
  *  A groggy voice made them all turn to the stairs where Chelsea stood, the wild curls around her face a halo of darkness.

le 28 Juin
 * A sentry’s life was full of viciousness and Tamani and Shar had both seen each other do terrible things

le 29 juin

“It’s okay,” Laurel said. She wrapped her hand around his, knowing he was only just now realizing what he had done.

 “Holy crap,” David said, jumping backward and nearly knocking Laurel over.

“I would never let anything happen to him!” Tamani shouted back, his nose almost touching hers.

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  1. Le livre sort quand ? Parce que j'ai vraiment hâte de le lire !! Donc si quelqu'un connais la date de sortie (Je parle bien du tome 4), merci de me répondre sur :

    Merci beaucoup :)